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Save-the-date : 10. Oktober 2023 Konferenz am Naturmusée mam lëtzebuerger Prof. Tom Battin

Hei fannt Dir weider Informatiounen an kënnt Dir Iech och umellen (gratis).

Tom Battin is Full Professor in environmental sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Before he took this position, he was Professor in Limnology at the University of Vienna, Austria. He is fascinated by the microbial life in high-mountain streams and the relevance of these ecosystems for the global carbon cycle. This research gains importance as high-mountain ecosystems figure among the most vulnerable to climate change. Tom Battin has published more than 130 scientific papers unraveling physical, chemical and biological processes that drive stream ecosystems. Over the last five years, he has organised twelve expeditions to the world’s major mountain ranges to study glacier-fed streams.He has pioneered the field of fluvial biogeosciences for which he has been awarded the prestigious Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal of the European Geosciences Union.

in Zusammenarbeit mit naturmusée


(c) Tom Battin




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