Konferenz : Witnessing the changes in polar regions through research and exploration

April 25, 2016


« Witnessing the changes in polar regions through research and exploration »

Lundi, le 25 avril 2016 à 19 heures à l’Université de Luxembourg (Campus Limpertsberg, salle BS 3.0. au 3e étage (Auditoire de biologie))


By Liliana Keslinka, University of Gdansk, Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology and Ecology


Since 2007 Liliana Keslinka has been visiting the Arctic on an annual basis as scientific ornithologist as well as naturalist guide. From 2011 to 2012 she spent an entire year on an Arctic research base experiencing the polar night, extraordinary polar wildlife including polar bear visits. Since 2012 she works as an ornithologist guiding in Antarctica as well as throughout the Arctic; her focus is not only on observing wildlife itself but also on the increasing anthropogenic influences on its fragile habitat. Her PhD on habitat preferences and colony distribution of the most numerous arctic seabird species - the Little Auks -  is the result of three years of exploring Spitsbergen's coasts -  by  yacht, zodiac, cruise ship and on foot.


(c) picture: http://www.naturepixels.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=150865




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