28 Jun 2016

« From Caribou to Climate Change – Environmental Issues Facing Newfoundland and Labrador » de l’Honorable Perry Trimper

au Naturmusée

28 juin 2016 à 12 heures

Perry Trimper est un scientifique de l’environnement qui possède 30 ans d'expérience dans le domaine du...

2 Jun 2016

Prof. Pienitz visited today students at Sportslycée. They discussed diatom research in the Canadian Arctic and did a series of hands on experiences in their lab.

The following picture of a diatom was taken by a student during their lab experience with Prof. Pienitz: 


1 Jun 2016

From ancient climates and human prehistory to modern-day lake pollution:  a glance at the universal applicability of diatoms!

Prof. Reinhard Pienitz

09. Juin 2016 

Au Naturmusée

Diatoms are microscopic algae that live in tiny "glass houses", transparent cell walls with ela...

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