Lëtzebuerger Claire Bauler an Yascha Wecker an hieren Restaurant am Nunavik

In the context of growing food insecurity in the Canadian arctic, Luxembourg-born Claire Bauler and Yascha Wecker have partnered with local (Landholding Corporation) and regional authorities (Kativik Regional Government) to set up the first restaurant project in the 800-soul community of Kangiqsualujjuaq (Nunavik, Northern Quebec). This community-based project aims to provide healthy and locally sourced food options, to create new jobs and to contribute to a new dynamic of the community. Verfolged hier Aventure op hierem flotte Blogue : https://www.northernfoodjourney.com

2nd SCAR Summer School on Polar Geodesy AARI Ladoga Base, Russia, 10 – 19 May 2018

Rationale The SCAR Summer School on Polar Geodesy provides a concise course on geodetic ground‐based and satellite methods focussed on polar applications in combination with lectures on geophysics and glaciology. The school addresses master and PhD students as well as young scientists (age limit: 30 years) to draw their interest to polar research and to the cooperation of different geoscientific disciplines to carry out investigations both in the Arctic and Antarctic. The school is supported by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), especially by the SCAR Expert Group on Geodetic Infrastructure in Antarctica (GIANT) and by the SCAR Research Programme “Solid Earth Response and



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